Writing with Water is the one and only home of author Thomas Halvë. It’s warmer than a park bench.

The blog was begun in mid-April 2012. Thomas will try to publish at least one piece of writing a week on this blog with the aim of then getting them published elsewhere.It’s then just a short hop to a Booker Prize.






Thomas wrote all the words and took all the pictures that appear on this site. If you want to use any of them then just ask.

Contact Thomas at:   thomashalve(at)writingwithwater(dot)com






21 comments on “About

  1. An interesting concept ‘writing with water’ – will look forward to your blog 🙂

    • thomaswrites says:

      Thanks for your comment Polly. I lived in China for a number of years and it’s from there – retired old men practise calligraphy on the pavement with goat-hair brushes and a pot of water. The writing dries under the sun, a few passers-by see it and then it evaporates into the air, disappearing for ever. Always thought it was a beautiful thing

      • Wow, Thomas, thank you for telling me about the old men in China, what a great way to practice an art, it is as you say a beautiful thing – says something about the transient nature of our work perhaps …

  2. thomaswrites says:

    of our work and of everything else I would say. There’s videos of it here if you are interested : http://bit.ly/HUkuod

  3. thx for stopping by my travel inspired writing site. best of luck on you way to the booker. we are made alive by the things we see.

  4. […] 2: Thank you Thomas Halvë (Writing with Water blogger) for the link on your site as a favorite blog (and thank you to all my new followers as a […]

  5. nina fang says:

    Your blog looks and sounds impressive, I will be keeping an eye on it 🙂

  6. Thomas, I have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award – you are an inspiration and I thank you for your thoughts and comments on my work. Please visit: http://journalread.wordpress.com/awards/kreativ-blogger-award/ to see your award. Thank you again – Polly

    • thomaswrites says:

      Thanks very much Polly! What a kind thought. I havent had the time to write very much on here recently but I’ll get back to it soon. I look forward to reading and commenting on more of your posts…

  7. Sorry Thomas, I gave you the wrong link (!) here is the right one: http://journalread.wordpress.com/awards/ii/

  8. Nina says:

    Hey! So I love your work and think your blog is great so I’ve nominated you for a ‘One Lovely Blog’ award!

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